We are happy to learn more about you, and your areas of interest in the SCA!

     Whether you are a person new to the SCA who has never attended an event, an old hat who has relocated to the lands of our fair barony, or someone who has been battling the dragons of Mundania but has finally been able to return home, we welcome you!
     If you would like to contact and attend a newcomer gathering or monthly business meetings, feel free to contact our Chatelaine, who will help you gain a foothold with the things that you are interested in.
     The Barony of Dragonsspine is the local group of the SCA. We are dedicated to the research and reenactment of the Middle Ages, from 600 to 1600 AD.
Fighter practice is a weekly gathering for most all the players of the SCA, fighters or not. This is the best place to meet us and find out what we are about. All meetings are free (although donations for our winter site are gladly accepted). Period garb is not required unless otherwise posted (but you are always welcome to wear it). Please come out and play!
     The SCA is structured in several segments to make it easier to follow. The first level is Society. The Society level is what oversees the playability throughout the 19 Kingdoms. It’s homepage is: The Society for Creative Anachronism.
The next level, is the Kingdom. We reside in the Kingdom of the Outlands, the 12th of the 20 Kingdoms. The Outlands comprises of New Mexico, most of Colorado, parts of Wyoming and Nebraska, and El Paso and Hudspeth counties of Texas. To find out more information about our Kingdom, please view its homepage: Kingdom of the Outlands.
     The level following Kingdom is the Baronial level, which Dragonsspine is. The Coronet of Dragonsspine is responsible for the well-being of its populace in its area. Dragonsspine basically covers all of El Paso and Teller Counties. Inside of Dragonsspine, there are many other sub-groups referred to as Households and other like activities. These are not official SCA groups, but rather groups of like-minded friends who gather together.
     To find out some other helpful newcomer information, please do not forget to look at the Society’s Newcomer’s Portal and the Kingdom of the Outlands.
Society Newcomer’s Portal: SCA Newcomer’s Portal
Kingdom Newcomer’s Portal: Kingdom Newcomer’s Portal