Dragonsspine Candlemas and Multi-Baronial A&S Championship

When: February 24, 2024, site open 8am to 9pm

Dragonsspine’s traditional Winter Feast Event has been expanded to include the competition for the Baronial Arts & Sciences Champion– and we thought, why not invite some friends? Details are still in the works, but we are hoping to have Arts & Sciences from Caerthe, Caer Galen, Unser Hafen and Aarquelle as well! There is sure to be something fascinating for almost anyone to view and discuss with its creator.

Additionally, as is traditional, Candlemas will feature heavy and rapier (and possibly cut-and-thrust) fighting for those hearty souls willing to brave the winter weather. (Some combat may be held indoors if the weather requires it.) There will be space for games during day, so bring them along.

Location: Eastside Church of Christ, 5905 Flintridge Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Event Steward: Master Timothy O’Brien (Tim Buxton) / tbuxton@gmail.com
Co-Steward: Master Adelrich Falke (Darrell Newman) / d_j_newman@yahoo.com
Pre-registration available and encouraged, but not required: LINK TBD

Site Fees:
Adult Member: $15.00
Child Member (17 and under): Free
Non-Member surcharge: $5.00

Adult: $15.00
Child (17 and under): $5.00
Feast space is limited, and reservations are strongly encouraged. If we have enough interest, the feast may be expanded.

Lunch: A lunch of stews. soups, and this mysterious thing called “chili” will be served to help keep the cold away. Hot and cold beverages will also be provided. Donations will be accepted and split between lunch costs and the Kingdom Travel Fund.

Schedule (as always, subject to adjustments and the will of the Crown/Coronets):
8:00 am: Site Opens
Schedule TBD
9:00 pm Site closes

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: This site is also a school, and it is 100% completely dry and non-smoking /
non-vaping (not even in your personal vehicle). Anyone found with alcohol will be immediately escorted
off of site and not allowed to return. Anyone found smoking will be given a single reminder to
immediately stop and then escorted from site if a second violation occurs. Service dogs are the only animals allowed on site.

Rapier Tourney:
Tourney Format TBD

Heavy Tourney:
Countess Beatrice is planning a fun tournament with (hobby) horses– try not to get knocked from your steed and suffer the consequences!

We will be having a feast created by the talented Lady Bridgid! For inquiries about allergies and available accommodations, please contact her at chefcindyknapp@gmail.com.

Feast Menu

(Feast contains no soy or pork. Dairy free options available. Feast is gluten free if you don’t eat the bread.)

First Remove:
– Cauli Verde (cabbage pottage) with sliced green onions and olives on the side – 15th C. Spain [Ingredients: olive oil, cabbage, fennel, Brussels sprouts, lemon juice, apple, Paremsan cheese, salt, pepper, toasted walnuts (on the side)]
– Bread [Tentative ingredients: wheat flour, butter, yeast, sugar, salt, eggs, oats]

Second Remove:
– Pompys (meatballs) – 15th C. England [Ingredients: beef broth, red wine, ground beef, egg yolks, raw sugar, mace, cloves, black pepper, cinnamon, currants, blackberries, almond milk, rice flour, possible saffron]
– Herb Salat – 16th C. France/England [Ingredients: watercress, spinach, green onions, fennel, leeks, parsley, rosemary, mint, sage, thyme, salt, black pepper, red wine vinegar, olive oil]

Third Remove:
– Romano-Anglo Roast Lamb -14th C. England [Ingredients: lamb, Dijon mustard, white wine, msutard powder, rosemary]
– White wine boiled mushrooms with rosemary

Final Remove:
– Baked Apples [Ingredients: one or more sweetener and any/all of these splices, TBD, with apples and butter: brown sugar/honey/maple syru8p; cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, ginger, nutmet.]

There will be space if you would like to off-board (bring in food from elsewhere and eat it here). There are
many restaurants in the area, and there is dancing after the feast, so please stick around for more comraderie and fun after the meal!

Directions to the Site:

Exit I-25 in Colorado Springs, at Exit #150 (E. Woodmen Rd.).  Proceed east on E. Woodmen Rd. for 1.9 mi. Turn right (south) onto N. Union Blvd. and proceed for 0.5 mi. Turn left (east) onto Dublin Blvd. and proceed for 0.4 mi. Turn right (south) onto Flintridge Dr. and proceed for 0.6 mi. Turn left onto Bell Mountain Dt. at Eastside Church of Christ/Pikes Peak Christian School.  Proceed up the hill.  Turn left at the top of the hill and follow the edge of the parking lot around to the back (NE) side of the building.  Enter through the NE doors. 

Nearest Medical Facility: UCHealth Emergency Room – Woodmen
3790 E. Woodmen Rd., Colorado Springs, CO 89020
719-264-5080  uchealth.org
Open 24 hrs
Distance from site: 2.8 miles (8 minutes)
Exit the event site.  Turn right (north) on Flintridge Dr. & proceed 0.6 mi.  Turn right (east) on Dublin Blvd. and proceed 0.9 mi.  Turn left (north) onto Rangewood Dr. and proceed 0.8 mi.  Turn left (west) onto E. Woodmen Rd. and the facility is immediately on the right hand side.